OSIRX – Airbus Environment Award

OSIRX – Video Airbus Development Day
10 July 2019
CDF and TDF – Relocation of head offices
7 August 2019

Airbus Development – Environment Award for OSIRX!

On July 11th, during the first edition of the Airbus Development Day, Airbus awarded Youssef Menjour the Airbus Environment Award, to reward Technologies de France for the quality and the relevance of its OSIRX project.

7 awards distinguished the greatest young companies (more than 80 were present that day), on different themes: Environment, AI, etc. OSIRX being innovative in many areas, perhaps TDF will succeed to win other trophies in the coming years!

Video presentation of OSIRX: https://dai.ly/x7cxahz

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