OSIRX – Video presentation of OSIRX GF

OSIRIX – 150 years of the periodic table
29 January 2019
OSIRX – Video Airbus Development Day
10 July 2019

Video presentation of the OSIRX GF process: https://dai.ly/x75mppm

Already internationally patented and awarded several times, OSIRX is a unique process in the world of non-destructive characterization of heterogeneous objects, including used electronic boards.

3 models are planned in the future range of products. The flagship, the OSIRX GF (GF for Great Flows), will allow large collectors of electronic boards to finally know the true value of their deposits. Results: + commercial margins, + hires, + recycling. A virtuous idea on all levels.

This breakthrough technological process still requiring R & D, the young innovative company Technologies de France is looking for 2 computer engineers (Labview, C, C ++, Python, Linux, BDD, geek, blockchain, etc.) and 1 physicist engineer or doctoral student (spectral imaging, signal processing, etc.). Type of position: CDI. Place of work: Gardanne (France). Available: as soon as possible. Wanted profiles: the best. If you want to take part in something big, contact us!

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