Compagnie de France and Technologies de France
intends to actively participate in the eco-responsible
reindustrialization of France.

The green reindustrialisation,
a necessity for France

While industry represents 17% of Italian GDP or 21% of German GDP, it represents only 11% in France.


Economically, this deficiency resulted in an industrial trade deficit of € 15 billion in 2015. This situation is fortunately not fixed.

We in France have all the necessary means to change the situation: scientists, engineers, qualified technicians, innovative products and services ... We can (again) follow a vision of the future, For future generations.

By rallying all these qualities around solid and coherent projects, Compagnie de France and Technologies de France will change the anachronistic image of industry (that of the nineteenth century). Our factories will have nothing to do with Germinal, they will be a symbol of prosperity respectful of the human and its environment.

The Circular Economy,
a salutary setting

Primary resources are too important and valuable not to treat them and give them a second life.

The main objective of our projects is not to make a financial gain in a few years, but to lay the foundations for a future industrial champion.


To succeed, Compagnie de France and Technologies de France are surrounded by the best, but also attaches great importance to designing its projects in a circular economy. Paradigms change. The idea that only an industry of mass and economy of scale can succeed is outdated.

Short circuits, optimization of transport and carbon balances, creation of sustainable jobs, local partnerships, control of the whole value chain, waste management, transformation of waste into goods, energy optimization of industrial processes, here are our arguments for the future.

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