Eco-responsible precursor,
the group Compagnie de France
invents the green industry of tomorrow.

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Urban mine,
a source rich in raw materials

A low-carbon world requires large amounts of precious and strategic metals, which is why we are developing green and cost-effective projects to recover from electronic waste.

The electronic board recycling market is opaque. Its players can not know the exact metal value of their goods, before having destroyed them. This represents a significant loss of value!

Compagnie de France brings transparency with its OSIRX devices, which allow to characterize batches of electronic boards without destroying them, that is to say to know quickly (5 tons per day) ) and precisely (error < 100 ppm) the quantities of precious and critical metals.

Once the electronic boards are collected, they are processed by a refiner. Currently, flows are mainly sent to Sweden, Belgium or Germany. No virtuous solution of complete treatment exists in France!

Compagnie de France wants to master the entire value chain to stop the leakage of critical metals from the national soil and reinvigorate the tricolor environmental industry, hence the development of an eco-friendly and smart line of board integral treatment: FLAMEL.

to master ecosystems

Every day, Compagnie de France enriches EDEN, its family of technologies dedicated to the eco-responsible management of ecosystems.

NPK agriculture has achieved high yields, but at what cost? Combined with global warming, the depletion of soils has serious consequences for ecosystems, on water management, on fauna and flora, on agriculture, and so on. The post-NPK must be thought of today.

EDEN has the ambition to propose a set of innovative technological solutions to control ecosystems and restore them strength and vigor. To succeed, Compagnie de France puts digital technology at the service of activities such as phytoremediation, dendroremediation, etc.